Gymnastics For Strength: 12 Week Supplemental Program


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Gymnastics For Strength: 12 Week Supplemental Program

Trouble with pull-ups? Do you want to start to move your handstands away from the wall? Do you want to start working on more advanced skills such as handstand press-ups and muscle-ups? This twelve week supplemental program will take you through a three month journey of balancing, bodyweight pushing, and pulling movements. 


I've never been able to handstand or walk on my hands. I always get asked if I was a gymnast as a kid. I never was. Before I started strength training I could barely do a pull-up. As I got stronger I fell in love with gymnastics and incorporated it into my training. With both patients and practice I started developing skills that I never thought I would be able to do in my lifetime.

Build Muscle 
Bodyweight movements are a great way to add in extra training volume without putting excess stress on your body and central nervous system. This extra training volume will help you build muscle - especially in perhaps previously neglected areas such as the shoulders, arms,  and core.

See Progress
You aren't going to reach your goals unless you are putting consistent work into them. This program will help you focus and get you on your hands consistently multiple times a week. You aren't going to get your free standing handstand if you just try it once every five months. Developing skills takes consistent focused practice. 

Build Strength
More muscle can move more weight. The extra muscle mass and gained stability that you build doing gymnastics movements will help you with your lifting. For powerlifting the increased strength will transfer over to lifts like your bench press and for weightlifters, gymnastics movements like handstands will dramatically help with overhead stability - which is an important competent for lifts such as the snatch and the jerk.

Move Better
Learning how to move your body through simple bodyweight movements builds and solidifies connections between your brain and body to help you move safely and efficiently. This increased proprioception goes hand in hand with injury prevention. 

Learn New Skills and Have Fun
Looking for a new party trick? Or simply bored with your same old accessory work? This program is filled with new and different exercises to make your training more interesting and fun. When training is enjoyable you are more motivated and more likely to go to the gym and train. 

What you need to know:

What equipment do I need?

You don't need much. Any gym should have the necessary equipment to do everything in the program. All you need is yourself, a wall, and a bar. Rings are suggested but not necessary. Yoga Blocks or parallettes  are also suggested but not needed. 

What will I get?

Within 24 hours you will get a 12 week program in PDF format emailed to you along with several videos to help you through your journey. There are also several scales and levels to do the program at so it is suitable for any level and you can repeat it as many times as you'd like!

How do I incorporate this into my current training?

Complete the work on three non consecutive days each week either on rest days or after training. It should add about 10-20 minutes to your training session.

Will this program be beneficial to me even if I'm not a strength athlete?

Gymnastics is for everyone! The program is mostly upper body dominant and probably isn't enough to do it completely on it's own but anyone can benefit from getting strong and more in tune with you body.