Is A Meal Prep Delivery Service Worth It?

Elizabeth Picardi

I work every single day of the week and when I'm not working I'm usually out walking my dogs, attending to neglected chores, or hustling for more work. It is rare that I actually have the time to sit down and relax and when I do have that time the last thing I usually want to do is cook more food and make more dishes and work for me to do. 

For many of us - including myself - ordering delivery or picking up take out is a way of life. It's easy, it tastes good, and it makes us happy. I still go out for the occasional cheese burger or burrito but as I get closer to my show it becomes more important that I know what I am eating and eat food that I prepared myself. It's not that takeout is bad; however, most food that you find at a restaurant is going to be primarily composed of fat and carbs with very little protein.

I first tried Trifecta nutrition six months ago. It's a meal prep delivery service. All of the food is cooked and shipped directly to you either in individually packed meals or a la carte (if you'd rather put your own meals together). It was the first time I had tried something like this. I felt SO spoiled. It made me feel like I was cheating my bodybuilding prep. Eating for peak performance shouldn't be this easy right? Having my fridge stocked with prep food took so much stress out of my life. I started eating less take out, throwing less food away, and actually spending less money on extra food.

Personally, I love having a meal prep service. Out of all the things I've spent money on - fancy gym, fancy equipment, expensive Lulu's - it is the one thing that has made the MOST difference in my both my mental health and physique. I know that in the fitness world there is this sense of superiority in struggle which is a worthless thought. If you have a little bit of extra dough to spend on groceries I highly recommend that you try a meal prep service. 

I've loved Trifecta so much that I've reached out for you and got you a 20% discount code "picardi20". Choose from hundreds of options of organic foods. There veg and vegan options are delicious too. They really do have options for everyone and unlike other meal prep companies they are very transparent about where there food comes from and prioritize sustainability and using the highest quality ingredients. 
Check them out!

If you're still not sure if meal prep is right for you, I put together this easy to follow list.

Meal Prep Service is for you if:

1. You have the extra money and hate cooking.
2. You find yourself consistently buying take out and having trouble sticking to your meal plan or any sort of consistent eating.
3. You purchase groceries with the intention that you're going to cook them - but you don't - and then you throw them away.
4. You're an independent working person and don't want to be spending all your free time cooking up a storm. 

Meal prep is not for you:
1. You're on a SUPER tight budget - like eating rice and beans for almost every meal budget. Yes, I've been there too. Meal prep will cost you about 120 a week plus you might need to supplement another $30 for extra food. 


Anyway, I hope this was helpful! It is something that has really helped me SO MUCH and has taken a great deal of stress out of my life so I really wanted to share. 


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