Protein Smore's Flapjacks

Elizabeth Picardi

 You can't get out to the campfire every weekend but you can bring the Smore's to you. Start your weekend off right with this amazing weekend treat. 

Makes one HEAPING serving: 
50g Pancake Quick Mix 
25g Whey Protein
15g Graham Cracker
10g Mini Marshmallows
5g Dark Chocolate grated or broken up(85% dark chocolate)

1: Mix quick mix and optional whey protein with water until you get your batter to desired consistency. 

2: Mix in mini marshmallows and chocolate chips or flakes.

3: Cook pancakes on warm greased griddle or pan, wait till pancakes are bubbling and bubbles aren't re filling then flip.

4: Top with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup. 

Total Macros: Protein 30.1/Carbs 55/Fat 7 Total Cal: 404

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